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MarketShare Planner for Marketers is a web-based expert system that provides objective results-oriented recommendations so you can make informed decisions quickly. Useful for marketers in all industries, it uses advanced econometrics to connect your marketing investments to results– revenue and profit.

MarketShare Planner for Marketers provides you with the ability to create a marketing scenario that includes how much you should invest, where you should invest and what the outcome will likely be. It measures the true, bottom-line impact of traditional advertising, digital advertising (including search, display, mobile and social media), and their interactions.

MarketShare Planner for Marketers works extremely well when you have limited time for results or need to optimize small marketing budgets. This tool is also ideal when you have little or no data and need to know how much to invest and how you should invest it.


MarketShare Planner for Agencies is a web-based expert system that lets you quickly provide your clients with media plans that meet their business goals. Add value to your agency by becoming a stronger strategic partner. Support your media plans with objective recommendations based on real-world results.

MarketShare Planner for Agencies is an analytics tool that works across all media. And it connects your clients’ marketing investments to their revenue and profit, providing proof of success.

Your agency can improve its operating efficiency by using the analytics platform for media planning and optimization, speeding the process and dramatically reducing the typical costs of such activities.

Media Companies

MarketShare's purpose is to provide solutions for the new transparent future. There is no question marketing and media are getting more and more transparent. And results and ROI are critical for all players in this ecosystem. In this spirit, we have created a solution for media companies who wish to bring transparency and proof of ROI to their ad sales operations, allowing them to talk the same language as our marketer and agency clients.

MarketShare Planner for Media Companies is a web-based expert system that quickly shows your advertisers where and how to invest across your media assets to get the best results. Provide a precise blueprint on how to optimize their budget and mix through our advanced cross-platform sales tool. Connect their marketing investments with your assets and show the results in revenue and profit — not just GRPs, eyeballs, or clicks.

Grow your business by becoming your advertisers’ strategic partner. Show advertisers a media plan that extends beyond a single campaign to the life of a product or brand. Use our stature as an independent, objective, world-class marketing sciences firm to add significant value to your sell.

MarketShare Planner for Media Companies works across all media, measuring the bottom line results of traditional advertising, search, display, and social media, and the interactions between them. Our objective, cross-media recommendations are based on an advanced analytics platform that generates accurate, predictive recommendations for demand creation decisions and investment, removing the guess work from cross-platform proposals.

MarketShare Planner for Media Companies is quick and easy to use. Gather a few key facts, enter them through a wizard interface, review recommendations, export results and make a pitch with results-based recommendations. Show how your media vehicles are a superior advertiser investment for reaching their target demographics with their content at the best price.