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Our TV attribution app uses multi-screen big data technology to provide never-before-available insights about television advertising effectiveness.

This advanced analytics SaaS solution measures the incremental contribution of each TV airing and how the attributes of each airing impact that contribution, including networks, day-parts, ad-lengths, campaigns and creatives.

Armed with this information, you can more effectively plan your TV advertising, optimize your ad spending and maximize business results.

How Our TV App Sets the Standard

Shows why your ads work...or don’t. (Was it the network? Creative? Timing? Length? A combination of those?)
Reveals causal insights in minutes/seconds after airing, not days or weeks.
Combines immediate response insight with mid- to long-term TV impact.
Offers a user-friendly dashboard with reporting and planning tools and clear recommendations.
Lets you analyze competitor ratings and reported spends to factor in your own planning.

How it Works

Viewers are increasingly online while watching TV They have their laptops, tablets and smartphones handy Your TV ads cause spikes in online activity We capture traffic and attribute to airing features Actions are linked to outcomes in minutes after the airing

Plus The Power of MarketShare

Our TV app integrates with MarketShare DecisionCloud, our industry-leading platform combining top-down and bottom-up analysis of the entire marketing ecosystem.

The TV app, coupled with MarketShare Benchmark, delivers a winning combination of capabilities with self-serve media mix modeling and granular TV insights for agency partners. Visit Benchmark for more information.

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