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Our multi-touch attribution application – analyzes complex customer journeys, enabling planning and course correction decisions to drive sales. It delivers true cross-channel attribution “in the cloud” and at scale so you can see the real value of each customer interaction. Our software delivers a complete, holistic view that includes digital, offline and other factors that influence buyers. It lets you optimize, course correct and integrate with your ad tech ecosystem.

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How it Works

You have digital data Our tool analyzes the data We recommend digital spend and allocations You optimize your digital channels You see your revenue go up

Features & Benefits

Support Your Actions and Decisions

It’s not just about data, it’s about providing insights that you can act on. Our software delivers predictive insights and recommendations for answering the right questions at the right time. Our scientific rigor leaves no stone unturned. Our technology accounts for such things as marginal impact, saturation effects, media interactions and self-selection.

Understand Your Customers Better

With a complete view of the entire customer purchase journey, you can better understand what motivates your customers, and adjust your messaging, offers, media outlets and creative to maximize results.

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Predict Customer Behavior

“Propensity models” built into our platform can scientifically predict what customers are likely to do. You’ll learn, for example, how each media impression influences the chances a customer will make a purchase.

Measure Across Online and Offline Channels

Our platform delivers a complete, holistic view that includes digital (online), offline and other factors that influence purchase decisions.

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Align digital and Offline Spending

Our software measures both digital and offline marketing. With these insights you can align and optimize digital spending with offline investments such as TV, print, events and others.

Connect Marketing and Finance

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Show Marketing’s Contribution to Revenue

We offer sound marketing science that will credibly link your marketing investments to financial performance. Quickly see how to improve both short- and long-term results by changing your marketing mix. Align marketing with company financial goals.

Plan and Spend Budgets More Confidently

Makes planning, budgeting and investing faster and easier than ever by eliminating guesswork. Your planning process becomes more agile. Easily adjust plans if budgets go up or down.

Demonstrate Big Data Leadership

By deploying our industry-leading science and technology, you position your own company as a leader and innovator in big data and analytics.

Apply Analytics on a Global Scale

With our solution, even the largest, most complex global businesses get the answers they’re looking for. It’s secure and scalable to meet any needs.

Get Total Data Coverage

We use data from your company and agency plus our own network of world-class data partners. See how non-marketing factors such as the economy, weather or competitor actions affect your business.

Eliminate Sampling Error

Our Big Data technology doesn’t rely on samples, so there’s no sampling error. The technology uses all ad impressions – those that resulted in a sale and those that didn’t – to ensure accurate attribution.

Optimize Your Digital

Illo course correct

Simulate and Course Correct on the Fly

Test almost limitless scenarios and get instant simulation results. Respond instantly to market or competitive challenges. No need to run expensive market tests. Quickly see the implications of changes in channels, campaigns, publishers, pricing, creative, keyword group or other variables. In-flight course corrections have never been easier.

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Improve Programmatic Effectiveness

Our attribution solution can become the “brains” of your programmatic buying efforts, helping inform everything from how to allocate spending across DSPs, to which creative works best and where.

Improve Operations

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Customize to Suit your Unique Needs

View recommendations and results the way you want to see them. Solve for various goals: sales, financial, customer acquisition, lifetime value, marketing funnel objectives, and others while meeting media inventory constraints and other rules.

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Share Results via Dashboards and Custom Reporting

Custom views, KPIs and exportable reports deliver unparalleled business intelligence capabilities through an easy-to-use interface and clear dashboards. Includes full user management, security settings, activity logs and alerting options.

Achieve Internal Adoption with Our Support

MarketShare has helped more major brands successfully adopt analytics throughout their organizations than any other company. And while our solution is fully self-serve, we will support your every need and ensure that your top-priority questions are answered.

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