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Our planning application – uses proprietary data to help you see how your company compares against peers and generate recommendations to optimize media plan effectiveness. We use exclusive benchmarking data gathered from across billions of market observations and measurements. These insights show how different media impact sales, and how you can optimize media plans based on target goals.

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How it Works

You want to benchmark yourself against your industry We have the data you need You tap our data inside the tool You optimize media plans and budgets You reach revenue and profit goals

Features & Benefits

Optimize Media Plans to Hit Your Goals

Benchmark users are able to optimize media plans – right-size budgets and allocate optimally – to reach revenue and profit targets.

Compare ROI and Effectiveness

With Benchmark, you can easily compare ROI and overall effectiveness of many different media channels.

Bring Transparency to Marketing Spend

Using our application for strategic media planning brings a new level of transparency to marketing spend overall.

Go From Setup to Solutions in Seconds

Easy to set up. Requires minimal input through a wizard style interface. Generates recommendations within seconds.

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Easily Integrate with Your Own Tools

Benchmark has a flexible interface that permits integration with your own existing tools.

Build Customized Simulations

Answer questions about your brand, customers, creative and marketing spend to develop simulations for your unique business.

Easily Share Results

Quickly download all charts, graphs and output data. Share it with your teams; use it in presentations and reports, and to encourage collaborative planning on brand strategy.

No Data? No Problem!

MarketShare Benchmark offers “guided scenario” capabilities that can produce optimization recommendations using as little, or as much, data as you have.

Perform Rapid Analysis with Pre-loaded Data

Benchmark is pre-loaded with industry-average spend levels and projections that cover multiple categories. Great for rapid benchmarking and analysis.

Compare Against Big Data From Brands

Benchmark combines Big Data gathered from thousands of brands in a tool that lets you easily compare performance of media channels.

Get Results Without Detailed Spend Information

Benchmark provides helpful recommendations to optimize budgets even without extensive spend data from a brand. Using only limited spending information can reveal the insights you need.

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Get Guidance Based on Use Cases

Our simple, self-actuated interface will adjust by use case to guide you toward your goals.

Simulate and Course Correct Quickly

With Benchmark, you can run countless what-if scenarios to test assumptions, constraints, and competitive actions.

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