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Forrester Q&A: Customer Obsession & Journey Analytics


Analytics may be a numbers game, but it is often underutilized as a pivotal tool to gather and examine customer information linked to how we think, feel and respond to the marketing tactics aimed at us. Being able to quantify those intangibles, allows brands to more effectively and purposefully target their marketing messaging and path towards their consumer base. Understanding how customers flow through their path to purchase, and how to influence that journey is the key to effective marketing -- digital or otherwise.

In the first of a three-part Forrester Research Q&A series, Senior Analyst, Tina Moffett, delves into the nuanced world of customer behavior, emotion, perception and motivation to reveal how brands can better understand their customers and leverage that insight to optimize and enhance their path to purchase journey via Customer Journey Analytics.

In this Q&A, Moffett discusses:
- How to bring together qualitative and quantitative customer data
- The analytic approaches that provide deeper insight into the customer journey
- The benefits of customer journey analytics
- How brands can use customer journey analytics to learn about and enhance customer interactions
- How to get started with customer journey analytics

Download the full Q&A to garner deeper insight on Customer Journey Analytics.