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Breakthrough Marketing Analytics Software for Omni-Channel Retailers

Resource Allocation & Multi-Channel Attribution in One Platform

MarketShare DecisionCloud™ is the leading platform of advanced, enterprise-scale marketing analytics apps for retailers.

How Clients Use our Apps

Major retailers use our integrated apps for multi-channel attribution, planning, resource allocation, budget optimization, customer targeting, predictive modeling, 1:1 marketing and more to dramatically improve marketing effectiveness and grow revenue.

Some Retailers We Work With

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Why Retailers Choose Us

  • We’re now able to understand and leverage the most efficient marketing channels across the sales cycle on a scale we’ve never seen before. We apply insights immediately to drive revenue.

    Mohan Namboodiri

    Vice President of Customer Analytics for Williams-Sonoma

  • Using our attribution models to also target was a great proof point for us that this methodology and product really work.

    Jeff Rosenfeld

    VP Customer Insight & Analytics, Neiman Marcus

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Using Event-Triggered Marketing to Create a Customized Experience

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