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MarketShare Innovation Labs

In addition to our MarketShare DecisionCloud offerings, we work with a select group of clients to create custom, state-of-the-art solutions that address unique marketing analytics and decision-making challenges. Our world-class team of marketing and data scientists, engineers, strategists and others has the vision, experience and entrepreneurial DNA to tackle the toughest marketing analytics issues and integrate advanced solutions with our clients’ media ecosystems.

MarketShare Innovation Labs works closely with partner companies such as Google, Twitter, and Turner as well as ad-tech companies such as Mediamath, Rockefuel, and Ensighten.

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MarketShare Innovation Labs encompasses initiatives in these key areas

Idea creation and
innovation processes

Advanced analytics and
algorithmic Innovation

Ad-tech Labs

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Idea Creation and Innovation Processes

At MarketShare, we use a comprehensive innovation process, starting from hypotheses definition, evolving into business plan and prototype recommendations and ending with the development of an operating plan including product and go-to-market roadmaps. This process drives and shapes product vision, as we develop scalable business models around new product ideas. In close partnership with our clients, we create solutions that bridge the gap between business needs and product requirements.

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Advanced Analytics and Algorithmic Innovation

MarketShare employs the industry’s best thinkers dedicated to improving the advanced math and technologies used in our analytics platforms. We have innovated in the field of advanced marketing analytics over the years, including leveraging Structured Equation Modeling (SEM), improving estimation times for Hierarchical Bayesian models, and introducing Latent Instrumental Variable (LIV) to control for endogeneity, among others.

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MarketShare Ad-tech Labs

Though MarketShare Ad-tech Labs, we work with clients in real-life use cases to enhance our multi-touch attribution solution and fully integrate the solution within our clients’ digital ecosystem. The goal is to provide true connectivity and a closed loop approach that includes all addressable media for marketers. We’ve developed cross-device mapping solutions, viewability technology and DSP integrations for some major global clients to improve measurement and facilitate execution of recommendations.

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