In Search of MarketShare

Learn about MarketShare and its industry-leading technology from CMOs, media experts, marketing scientists and company founders in this three-minute video.

2014 Marketing Analytics Leadership Award

Recognition and reward for your analytical efforts, with a larger $100K prize pool. Learn more at

Marketing at the Speed of Light

Becky Saeger, former CMO of Charles Schwab & member, Board of Directors for E*Trade, discusses how modern marketing tools and predictive analytics are empowering marketers.

A leader in the marketing analytics space for 2 years running.

"For the second time MarketShare earns its position as a Leader, specifically for its innovative approach to marketing mix and deep analytical capabilities."
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Marketing and Science: together at last.

Welcome to MarketShare. We have created the industry-leading cross-media
analytics solution for global marketers. From global portfolio strategy to
marketing allocation to high-volume data analysis and real-time attribution, we
bring the world’s most innovative analytic solutions to our clients.
Better predictability drives better decisions, which drives better results.

If you want more transparency in your business, let’s talk.

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